Jenness "Dory" Asby


Phenomenal Wife.

Bewildered Mom.

Deaf Chick.

ADD-addled Spaz.

Starving Artist.


Graphic Designer.

Blogger Aspiring Writer.

Passion Parties® Consultant.

Guano whacknut.

Not necessarily in that order.

three one nine - two one zero - four zero two three

because of my hearing loss I prefer text to voice calls

jenness asby at gmail dot com

one three zero one memorial drive southeast
cedar rapids iowa five two four zero three

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Dates that I have open for a client meeting, photo shoot, or Passion Party

I've divided each day into three slots... if you see the slot, then I'm available

Tips on choosing a date for a party

Sooner is Better

Folks don't usually know what they're doing three or four weeks from now. They do know, however, what they're doing in about a week or two. If you schedule too far out, your invitation may get lost in the shuffle.

Week-nights are better than weekend-nights

Folks usually have their Friday and Saturday nights planned out several weeks, sometimes months, in advance. This is especially true if they have kids. But they usually don't have things planned for weeknights, unless it's something like choir practice on Wednesday nights or some other weekly commitment.

Tips on choosing a time for a photo session

The 90 minutes after sunrise and 90 minutes before sunset are what photographers like to call Golden Hour. This is when the light is most flattering.